The older the boys, the bigger the toys

Dinky and Corgi have a lot to answer for. For the price of a bag of sweets they introduced millions of otherwise sane men to the delights of old cars.  In the process no doubt straining many wallets and marriages. Often it isn’t until a man hits his mid 30s or early 40s before the classic car bug really bites.  And then it sinks its teeth in and holds on. Couple that enthusiasm with the need that every man has to occasionally fly the marital home and get away with his mates and you have what we at Great Escape Classic Car Hire have come to call the Boys Driving Weekend. 

We coined this admittedly rather obvious name after noticing the remarkable increase in demand for our cars from groups of mates, often in their 30s, 40s and 50s, who wanted a great weekend away. Adding a classic hire car to a weekend in the country turns a break into, ahem, a great escape.  And hiring classic cars means that everyone, even if they don’t own a classic car, can join in. We now regularly supply multiple cars, often up to 10, to groups of lads who are on their annual reunion or get together.  We either just provide the cars, perhaps with a delivery and collection service, or we provide turnkey event service with a route, accommodation and meals all sorted out. These days or weekends away mean that everyone in the group gets a chance to drive each car, which overall makes the cost quite realistic.  Since our cars are two or four seaters the price is split at least two ways, making adding a classic car to the weekend away cheaper than a room for the night. Prices start at just £75 per person for a day’s use.

To cater for the Boys Weekend market we’ve tried to broaden our range of cars to include modern classics like the DeLorean and Saab 900 as well as the older classics like E Types and Jensens.  We’ve also increased the size of our classic car hire fleets in Devon, Cotswolds and Yorkshire to make it easier for groups to find the cars they want in these popular weekend getaway areas. We don’t think the lads weekend away for the mature gent is going to go away.  In 2012 we provided cars for several groups and in 2013 we’ve already secured more group bookings than we did in 2012.

If you’re planning a lads weekend away and want to know how to fit classic cars into the trip call Graham or Jamie on 01527 893733 or email We’ll be happy to help.  We can provide this service for UK based groups or overseas groups travelling to Britain. For more information on our fleet visit

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