Time to listen and learn

Running a small business has its moments.  Negative feedback – which sort of comes with the territory when you hire out old cars – tends to feel like a personal slight. The fact that it’s usually expressed in extreme and emotive terms doesn’t help. What people think about what we do matters to me because my business really matters to me.  So when we recently signed up to the Feefo review system and received our first negative review I wanted to understand why.  The feedback concerned our Mini Cooper replica, which the customer felt was tired.  So I emailed him and asked him for more details. Feedback like this needs to be taken with a pinch of salt since.  For example, this car also received several five star reviews on Feefo and Trip Advisor in recent weeks. But expectations vary and the negative customer’s response made me see the Mini in a new light. I noticed the dings and bubbling that are pretty much inevitable when a car does 15,000 miles in an 8 month season. The decision was made.  Restore it.  Although it would have been easy to talk away the negative feedback, it was a valid opinion and not one I wanted to repeat.  My business is about exceeding expectations and delivery a great experience.  So we acted. Negative feedback hurts but where it’s constructive and insightful it’s vital to improving a business.


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