To B or not to B?

The MGB, like many things liked by many people, has its fair share of detractors. It’s sheer ubiquity is often its biggest problem – quite simply, there are a lot of MGBs about.

And that is really what makes the venerable B so great. It’s popular because it does exactly what you want from a sports car – looks good, drives nicely and is simple and comfortable to live with. Its popularity means there are plenty about and parts supply is, well, plentiful.  And cheap.  But the car’s familiarity and relative simplicity disguise the fact that, in common with all other classic cars, it rots.  Badly.  The MGB is in reality a 1950s design built long past its sell by date by an antiquated factory in Oxford. So when you buy into one, be careful what you do.

Great Escape Cars’ workshop,, specialises in servicing, maintaining and restoring MGBs.  Here’s the story of our latest project for a customer.  You can find out more on our website.


Great Escape Cars

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