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Five Saabs is probably at least one too many so reluctantly I’m selling my 1990 Saab 900 S 16v Turbo. Again. Thanks to a disreputable buyer it’s available again.  I don’t need any more hassle so it’s for sale at the no quibble price of £1,250. It’s worth more so I can’t take less. I’m not desperate to sell it but just want a simple, straightforward sale.

As Saab model specs are confusing – just to be clear this is the Low Pressure Turbo (LPT) model developing about 155bhp. I have had an inter cooler professionally fitted which boosts power not far short of a Full Pressure Turbo.

I bought this car in April from reputable Bristol Saab specialist Economy Saab because my other Saab 900 was off the road with a gearbox problem. That’s now back in service to unfortunately I’ve got to part with this car. A shame as it is a genuinely nice example. A couple of days before posting this I completed a 300 mile trip in the car in one day, mostly on A-roads. It performed faultlessly. 


The car is a late 1990 ‘slant front’ Saab 900 3 door hatchback in red with Aero pack and grey cloth velour interior and manual gearbox. It is a S model – low pressure turbo 2 litre engine (but with retro fit intercooler) generating 155bhp+. The car has covered 162,000 miles (nothing for one of these cars) and is sold with MOT to end April 2014 and tax to end of September 2013. It was serviced 1,500 miles ago. The car has been used for a few hires as well as personal use. We maintain all of our own cars in-house. The V5 is in my name. 

The car is in very good mechanical and structural condition but suffers from the usual 900 gremlins of cracked dash top and sagging headlining. The headlining has been pinned back but ideally needs replaced. 

If you are looking for a very solid, very presentable Saab 900 Turbo that is reliable and does not need any immediate work, this car may fit the bill. It is not a FPT 900 but thanks to the intercooler offers similar performance. 

The Good Points

A quick bit of research will tell you that the bugbears of 900s are few and far between – these are incredibly robust cars with superb mechanicals and rust-resistant bodies. The only major weaknesses are the gearbox, age-related rot, cracking dashes and sagging headlining. This car only suffers from the cheapest last 2 problems. The gearbox is excellent – it doesn’t jump out of reverse at all. There is no rot in the arches and the bonnet is rot-free except for a very small patch on the nearside rear edge – it could be fixed for under £100. As is usual with 900s the inside edges of the doors have some rot, but it is very limited – the best of all the Saabs I own. 

The interior is very good with only the headlining and dash top detracting. The windscreen does not have any delamination and the sunroof works perfectly with no rot in the surround. 

The car is fitted with a period Sony radio/cassette.

The wheels and tyres are generally excellent – good tread and only slight kerbing to the stylish 3 spoke alloys. The front offside tyre is a bit low so I will replace within the price

The lights are all good and without cracks. The car is fitted with headlamp wipers that work

All badges are in good condition

The Saab has a long MOT, remaining tax and has recently been serviced

The engine bay is in good condition including around the battery

The car was fitted with an intercooler by our workshop, which has increased performance

The exhaust is in good condition – appears to be quite new

The Bad Points 

I’ve tried to be honest and comprehensive here. If you know 900s you’ll know that not much goes wrong. This car is 23 years old so I haven’t detailed the usual marks that should be typical of a non-concours car of this age. Here are the negatives with this car:

Small dent (approx 20p sized) in rear edge of nearside rear wing

Small area of rust (approx 1cm square) on rear edge of nearside of bonnet

Small areas of surface corrosion to inside edge of doors 

Cracks to dash top

Sagging headlining (has been pinned back)

Some fading to boot parcel shelf (very common)

Common Questions

I am selling this car as sold as seen. We’ve driven a few thousand miles in it without any problems and we’ve ramp checked it. As far as I know it’s a honest car. I was told that the cam chain was done at 150,000 miles – there is some rattle on start up but may be the hydraulic tappets. I don’t know about the turbo – as it doesn’t smoke or cause problems I don’t think it’s an issue.

The photos show the car with Carlsson vents – these aren’t sold with the car. 


This is a honest, reliable, good condition Saab 900 that has obviously been looked after by previous owners. The price reflects the condition. I know these cars well and can honestly recommend this one.

Questions & Viewing

Feel free to call me on 07771 701061 or email me graham@greatescapecars.co.uk with any questions or to arrange to view the car. The car is located near Redditch postcode B96. 

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