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The price of travelling isn’t getting cheaper, despite the occasional tweak to the fuel price.  So we thought we’d bring what we do here at Great Escape Classic Car Hire closer to you.  In the past if you wanted to hire a classic car it meant a journey of several hours to pick it up, and probably an overnight hotel stay too.  Not any more.

Over the past couple of years we’ve been developing our network of local classic car hire sites so that you don’t have to travel far to enjoy a classic car.  From the original centrally located site in the Midlands we now have 11 locations across England, from Devon to Yorkshire and all points in between   And we’ve just added two more – in Wiltshire and Hampshire. It gives you the biggest choice of classic cars and the widest choice of starting points from one company in the UK.  In fact, you’re never more than 90 minutes drive from a Great Escape site anywhere in England.

All of which means it is now cheaper and more convenient than ever to hire a classic car.  So when you give someone one of our gift vouchers you’re not committing them to excessive travel costs.  They may not even need to stay overnight.

We operate two site networks – Managed Sites, that are owned and operated by Great Escape staff in Devon, Cotswolds and Yorkshire.  And a network of smaller Owner Operated sites that are owned and run by classic car enthusiasts who hire out their own vehicles based on systems and controls set by Great Escape.

Here’s the latest list of our sites:

Larger Great Escape managed sites:

Devon Yorkshire Cotswolds

Owner Operated sites:

Hampshire Wiltshire Northamptonshire Peak District France Oxford Shropshire London

Every site operates to strict systems and standards set by Great Escape Classic Car Hire, so wherever you hire from you get the same high level of personal service and vehicle preparation.

With the network of locations in place we have also been busy developing the choice of cars available at each site.  From our Devon, Yorkshire and Cotswolds managed site you will find an example of each of the most popular hire cars in the UK, including E Types, Triumphs, MGs and Jaguar Mk2s. Our Owner Operated Network tends to have more specialised cars but we ensure each site has a good range and choice.

We follow this flexibility through with our Christmas classic car gift voucher packages.  You can buy a voucher for a particular price band of car or a particular car – as we have several examples of each price band at each site and also several examples of our most popular cars across the country it means the recipient gets some real choice – of car or location.

You can find out more about Great Escape Classic Car Hire by visiting http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk or call 01527 893733

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