We Made a Lancia Trevi Film

The Lancia Trevi is one of those cars you've either heard about, but probably never seen, or never heard about and definitely never seen.

There's a good reason for that. The Trevi sold in tiny numbers here in the UK when new and there are just 3 or 4 left on our roads. So its always been a rare sight. With the exception of its most distinctive feature, it's also pretty undistinctive. It looks a lot like a posh, squashed Cortina.

That distinctive, character-defining feature lies hidden away behind the tinted glass. Created by industrial designer Mario Bellini, the Trevi's interior is a left field work of art. It takes pretty much everything you think you know about car interiors, throws it in the bin and starts again.

Graham Eason, who runs Great Driving Days, owns one of the UK's handful of Trevis. And he's put this film together for us.

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