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Tradition dictates that you spend the first few minutes of married life in a car with a stranger, usually one with an unhealthy interest in the weather and bad jokes. The theme may also extend to sitting on sagging seats in the back of a creaky old white Rolls Royce. 

At Great Escape Cars we thumb our nose in a disgruntled Shakespearian fashion at tradition. Because we find ourselves standing, surprised but poised, at the vanguard of a new dawn of wedding car hire. If you noticed the world shifting on its axis, that was us. Gosh.

Ok, so reinvigorating the world of wedding car hire doesn’t quite rank alongside curing world hunger, defeating the TseTse fly etc, but if you’re in the market for a wedding car it is a pretty big deal. In olden days grooms were stuck with Rolls Royces, Daimler limos or dodgy fake retro kit cars. Occasionally an adventurous chap may have stumbled across something interesting, like a DeLorean. Only to discover that despite shelling out several hunded pounds he couldn’t actually do anything exciting like actually drive it. 

Now things are different. The change started when grooms realised that they could hire a range of classic cars from companies like Great Escape Cars. We started supply a lot of E Types, Morris Minors, Minis, Jensens and Jaguar mk2s to grooms. This was successful but not, we discovered, entirely customer-focused. Most classic car hire companies are modeled on traditional car hire companies so they hire based on fixed start and finish times and you have to go and get the car. This, we realised, doesn’t really work for weddings.

Wedding hirers need flexibility with start and finish times – to fit around their plans – and they need a really good value package because weddings are madly expensive. They also need some help with the logistics including a delivery and collection service. We started offering flexibility to solve these problems when customers contacted us, dealing with customers case by case. Then we realised that all of this could be done much more simply and easily as most wedding customers face the same issues. 

So we rethought how we work for weddings and came up with a fully inclusive wedding package service that you can now see on our website. It gives flexible hire times to fit wedding plans, competitive prices and clear pricing for delivery and collection. All of which, we hope, is the icing on the cake. Because we already have the widest range of self drive wedding cars in the UK available to hire from more local sites. And we hire out more self drive wedding cars than anyone else. We also have nationwide delivery facilities thanks to our fleet of trucks and trailers. You can find out more her: 

If that sounds a bit smug and breast-beating, sorry, it’s not the goal. Our aim is to make life easier for grooms so that they can fit a stylish car into their big day without breaking the bank. Self drive hire does give you more for less. For less than you pay for a chauffeur driven Roller for a few hours you get some proper time in a classic car that you can actually drive. 

To find out more visit We are quickly selling out popular dates on some of our wedding cars so contact us now for an informal chat – we’ll do what we can to help. 01527 893733

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