What Peter Kay’s Car Share Tells Event Managers

Peter Kay may not be the most obvious inspiration when you’re casting around for new event ideas, but bear with me. His popular Car Share series, which follows two colleagues on their journey to and from work, might just be the inspiration you need.

In Car Share we see Peter and co-star Sian Gibson travel to and from their work with Kay extracting warm humour from the forcing two people to share a small space. 

The series thrives on the fact that two people slung together in a car have to communicate. Anything can happen but only one thing is certain: neither will emerge unchanged from the experience. Car Share is enlightening, funny and heart warming precisely because two strangers are forced to communicate because they are travelling in a car together.

No other form of travel delivers this quite as effectively as a car trip. And it’s the secret behind the success of Great Escape Cars’ corporate road trip events. We put drivers together in cars, give them maps and route books (no modern satnav conveniences here) and send them off on into the beautiful British countryside. The result: strangers bond over navigational challenges and the unique wonder of classic cars. Colleagues discover something in each other that sitting side by side at desks never quite reveals.

We began running classic car events for corporate clients in 2011 and now run over 30 every year. The format is broadly the same – the chance to drive several different cars over a pre-planned route – but we vary it considerably to suit different requirements, budgets and timescales.  We also run them anywhere – with our own transport and crews. To find out more about how a corporate road trip can work for you, call 01527 893733 or click here to view our case studies

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