What’s in a name?

As a job I used to come up with stupid names for things. Mainly plastic windows and conservatories but also ephemeral things like ‘business concepts.’ My best idea was for a new window locking device for a company called Profile 22. It was called Catch 22. Well, it would have been if anyone involved in the process had shared my sense of humour. It was fun, in the same way that pondering your own insignificance upon this mighty star can be described as fun.

So, given all that, it’s perhaps odd that it’s taken me ages, actually years, to come up with a name for our driving days. Our ‘5 cars, 1 great day’ packages. They’re very popular, which makes calling them something even more obvious a problem. To date we’ve called the driving days, because they are, or rallies, which sounds to me at least a bit like I should be stood at the front shouting loudly in German. I steered clear of Driving Tours because it sounds like we run 1930s-themed picnic trips for vintage car enthusiasts. Neither driving days or rallies  name really differentiate the day from our other activities, particularly our Track Days (which are also, strictly speaking, driving days). And they don’t exactly nail the enthusiasm we put into them and the fun that our customers tell us they get out of them.  

And then the curse of 2am struck one night. I had a vision, a message, an epiphany. Well, maybe. Actually I came up with the most obvious name for our driving days/rallies imaginable. One that, had I been a spin-making marketeer of any significance, should have hit me like a lightning bolt years ago.

Road Trips. That’s what they are so that’s what they’re called. 

A road trip is evocative. It’s exactly what we do and it’s exactly what many of us dream of doing but never actually get time to do. Road Trips require great cars (tick), great roads (tick), good company (err, hopefully tick) and a drive that has no purpose except the drive itself (tick). Road trips are movies, they’re escape, they’re freedom. They’re fun. This is exactly what we try to achieve – and, I hope, judging by the reviews, it’s something we honestly achieve. 

Every Great Escape road trip follows the same basic format: you drive five cars over a 100+ mile route incorporating some of our favourite roads across Wales, Worcestershire, Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean. Breakfast, refreshments and lunch are provided. Come along on your own or bring your partner too. We run road trips every couple of weeks during the spring, summer and autumn. Each one follows a different route with different cars, so whatever your interest in cars and countryside there is hopefully a trip for you. The price is £249 for a driver and £99 for a passenger, with just two people per car. There are no hidden costs: fuel, insurance and food are all included. 

To find out more about our Road Trips visit http://www.greatescapecars.co.uk or call 01527 893733



01527 893733

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