Why is Holland flat?

The blogs and forums are humming again with fall-out from Top Gear’s trashing of a Morris Marina. Does it matter? There was a time – roughly lasting 30 years – when anyone of sane mind would quite willingly participate in the ritual slaughtering of Marinas, such was the general distate for their roll-polly handling and total ineptitude. Worrying about the fate of a Marina is like shedding a tear for the passing of another Hyundai Sonata. It just doesn’t matter.

or does it? After all, a Marina is a rare and, to some people, classic car. To others its not. To others it’s a Morris Minor in disguise. Does it or any other classic car deserve to have a ritual piano dropped from a lofty height (why do they always do that by the way?). Probably not, although if you were left stranded beside the A14 by one in 1976 you may disagree.

I spend my life around classic cars but I don’t deride Top Gear for trashing a Marina. It was entertaining. And they did apparently act with some fairness – they used two cars, one good and one a virtual non-runner. They smashed up the bad one, used the good one for the close up shots and then sold it on. From the tired car they apparently also sold the interior and other goodies (for a Morris Marina enthusiast) too. It seems that it made good telly and despite the bluster they acted reasonably. So it’s a pity that everyone is moaning about the fate of the Marina when a perfectly good Lada went to its maker in the cause of light entertainment….!

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