Why we disagree with the pre 1960 MOT exemption

I’m about to make myself unpopular with classic car enthusiasts here. Here at Great Escape Classic Car Hire we’re totally against the relaxation of rules regarding MOTing pre 1960 cars. Coincidentally I am here in London at the wheel of a 1960 Morris Minor Convertible. This car was recently MOT’d to mark the start of our hire season. The test highlighted some issues that without it might have gone unnoticed. That has serious safety implications for my customers and other road users. This opposition is not just about my relatively junior position as someone who hires out old cars. In some ways, I perhaps need the MOT less than others, because y cars are on the inspection ramp pretty much every week. My concern is the government statistics. They say that 0.6% of cars on the road are pre 1960 but they only account for 0.03% of accidents. Older cars do fewer miles than modern cars. So I suspect that ‘mile for mile’ the comparison doesn’t quite work as well. Old, rarely used cars deteriorate like any other object. They have parts that weren’t designed to last. They rust. They leak. Seals deteriorate. For the government to suggest that such cars don’t need a regular test seems fundamentally flawed to me. I have complete faith in the owners of such old cars. They care about them and they look after them. But the reason we have an independent test is because cars need expert inspection as this needs specialist equipment. It is not a garage DIY job. As old car owners, if we don’t have an annual independent inspection then we are taking a risk. I won’t take that risk with my customers so I will be maintaining the annual independent inspection on all of my cars. In addition to the ongoing checks we already undertake between tests. If the government wants to cut red tape, why not reintroduce the rolling car tax exemption scheme, which reflects the relative lack of use of old cars, rather than messing with safety? Moan over. We’ll be keeping on top of this issue at www.greatescapecars.co.uk where you can also find out about our safety regime.            

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