Workshop Project: 1965 Jaguar E Type

This project has been quite an unusual one and has proved to be right up our street.  When you’re choosing a workshop to restore your car it’s important to be clear about what you want to achieve: whether you want a concours job or a car to use every day will determine the advice you’re given. As I run a large fleet of classic hire cars we tend to be from the ‘daily driver’ school of classic cars: I like to see them used and I’m not sufficiently precious about them to worry too much about it.  But that isn’t to say we don’t respect owners who chase concours awards: I get that as well. The owner of this rare Series 1.5 E Type was very clear about what he wanted: a reliable, presentable example that would he wouldn’t worry about using daily. The car had been bought at auction in Los Angeles and we collected it from the docks at Southampton. It had lain unused in Beverley Hills for some time and arrived dusty with flat tyres and drained of fluids. At first glance it looked as you’d expect: cracked black paint, deteriorated interior but otherwise dry and sound. You can read about the project using the links below. For more details on our workshop call 01527 893733 or visit

1965 Jaguar E Type: October Workshop Update

1965 Jaguar E Type: November Workshop Update

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