Workshop Project: 1974 Jensen Interceptor blue/red

The contradictory lives of the two 1974 Jensen Interceptors going through our workshop this winter proves the value of finding a good example of any car.  While the blue and cream car has suffered variable reliability since 2012, the blue and red car shown here has faired considerably better. This Jensen was one of the two cars that formed the original Great Escape Cars hire fleet back in 2006. Launching a classic car hire business where 50% of your fleet was built by Jensen is not necessarily a recipe for an easy life, and so it proved for the first couple of years. ‘LPB’ needed an engine rebuild soon after I bought it and suffered fairly regular faults with electrics and ancillaries for the first year or so. This is fairly typical of any car we put on the fleet, although it felt personal to the Jensen when I started out.

Once the teething problems were ironed out it became obvious how good this example was.  It has always driven superbly and structurally has withstood 60,000 miles since 2007 extremely well. By the start of 2015, however, it was obvious that the car was going to need some fairly significant work: the offside sill was rotten and the front wheel arches were deteriorating quickly. During January and February 2015 we replaced the offside sill in our workshop.  The Interceptor’s inner sills are largely hidden, meaning that structurally compromised cars will often pass the MOT without comment. Removing the outer sill revealed serious corrosion so we began the 130 hr task of replacing this side. With no time to undertake further repairs the Jensen plodded through the 2015 season, reliably clearly deserving of some love. In autumn 2015 we took it off the road and began stripping it. Click on the links below to see what’s been happening.

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Jensen Interceptor: November Workshop Update

Jensen Interceptor: January Workshop Update

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