Workshop Project: 1978 MGB GT

The MGB GT’s style and mechanical simplicity are the keys to its popularity. But like every British car of the 60s and 70s it suffers from tin worm. And that stylish body is not always straightforward to fix. Great Escape Cars bought this ’78 car in early 2014 as part of a deal involving another MGB. It had been off the road since 2008 and was partly stripped ahead of a restoration that never happened.  In the intervening two years this ‘never quite’ mood seemed to hang around the BGT.  We sorted out the minor bodywork repairs it needed and outsourced the work to a local paint shop in Spring 2014, where it sat unattended until we recovered it in November 2015.  We’re now completing the work ahead of a respray in December.

This BGT started life of course as an unloved rubber bumper model, but was professionally converted at some point to a chrome bumper car, including correct wings and lower ride height.  It has a tuned 1800cc MGB engine. Since the car has been back out our workshop we have begun the process of putting this car back on the road.  When it’s ready our plan is to sell it. Click on the links below to find out more about the work on this car.  Call 01527 893733 or visit for more details on our workshop.

1978 MGB GT: workshop update November 2015

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