Workshop Projects: 1965 Jaguar Mk2 3.4

In the 1960s Jaguar made some beautiful cars, and few came more beautiful than the original Jaguar Mk2. But those looks came at a price because the Mk2 is a fearsomely complex car to restore, thanks to its endless curves.  With the youngest cars now 50 years old the problems associated with decades of cheap repairs and bodges also hinder modern restorers. We have been working on Mk2s for several years, including major bodywork improvements and mechanical overhauls.  This particular Mk2, a 1965 ‘Moss box’ model, has been on our hire fleet for many years and has never needed much attention. However, the years and the miles have begun to take their toll and it was clearly time for a bodywork and interior overhaul during the winter of 2015/2016. We took the car off the road in October and stripped it to identify the main problem areas.  The Mk2, like most cars of its era, has a huge number of water traps and rot spots – this one was ostensibly solid but with cosmetic deterioration in the wheel arches, front wings and door bottoms. This project is to remove the rot, replace with fresh metal and repaint the car in the original gunmetal metallic grey. Along the way we intend to fit Coombes arches to make the car easier to transport on our low loaders. Click on the links to follow the restoration of this car. Call 01527 893733 or visit for more details on our workshop.

1965 Jaguar Mk2: workshop update October 2015

1965 Jaguar Mk2: workshop update November 2015

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