Workshop Projects: 1984 Audi Quattro ur

This original Audi Quattro is part of the Great Escape Cars hire fleet. When it suffered a low speed shunt in the hands of a customer earlier this autumn we decided to take the opportunity for a more comprehensive overhaul of the car. The original Audi Quattro was engineered to a high standard and generally built to one too, with original cars effectively taken off the line and hand built. So structurally the cars are durable, but repairing and restoring a ur Quattro can be an expensive task since much of the car uses unique or low volume parts and panels.

The crash damage affected the front offside wing, headlight and grille.  Not extensive but also not a simple repair, since body panels are in very short supply. Checking over the rest of the car we identified localised rust in the rear of the sills and damage to the passenger door where the check strap had failed. The car’s paintwork was generally poor and faded, which tends to be typical of the Mars Red finish. The main challenge with the Quattro was going to be effecting a cost-effective repair. Although these cars have increased in value they’re still not silly money and don’t necessarily warrant huge expenditure where it can be avoided.  Yet with panels and parts at premium prices, this is not as easy as it sounds. Click on the links below to read our updates on the Quattro restoration. Or call 01527 893733 or visit to find out more about our workshop.

Audi Quattro: Workshop Update November 2015

Audi Quattro: Workshop Update February 2016

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