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Apparently the average motorist does a little under 10,000 miles a year. Nobody has tried to work out how far the average classic car motorist goes in a year but using a complex calculation involving reliability times sunny days divided by DIY I estimate it’s a figure close to or around Not Much. lets say 1,500 miles for the sake of argument. Where am I going with this? Well, quite simply I’m about to try and sell you something. And it isn’t a classic car.  Because, quite frankly, it doesn’t need me to tell anyone reading this that owning a classic car is like throwing £5 notes into a very big and very dark hole. Even assuming that buying and selling a classic car incurs no actual cost, because they don’t generally depreciate, classic car owners are facing considerable costs for, based on their average use, very limited reward.  Most owners will spend upwards of £500 a year to service their car and get it through a MOT, with a similar amount eaten up by tax (if it’s under 40 years) and insurance. So quite quickly, without considering the cost of storage, fuel, major repairs and improvements, you’re looking at £1/mile.  In reality, it’s probably a lot more.

I would hope that I am fairly familiar with these figures because I own several classic cars. In fact I started Great Escape Cars because, like many owners, I had classic cars I rarely used but which were costing me a small fortune to keep running.  Without Great Escape Cars I would eventually have had to sell them. In a way Great Escape Cars was my lifeline and my ticket to a dream garage in much the same way it is for our customers. While I recognise that for some people there is no joy to replace the one of actually owning your dream car, for many others, perhaps the majority, the chance to simply drive and enjoy that car is enough. Ownership is a problem and a responsibility too far. And I know from owning a few classic cars that the reality of daily life can very, very quickly tarnish the silver lining. Sometimes it is better not to get to know your idols too well.

Great Escape started out appealing mainly to ‘try before you buy’ users – many have gone on to buy the car of their dreams after trying out ours. Great news. But now most of our customers are car enthusiasts who take a more pragmatic line – they want to experience the cars they love, but they don’t want to get too close, for all the reasons familiar to classic car owners. So we’ve adapted what we do to cater for them. Many of our customers have a particular dream car in mind and want to immerse themselves in that experience for a day or two. That’s where our classic car hire packages come in.  Others can’t choose which they love most (I know how they feel) so for them we’ve created multi-car driving days on road and track. Instead of waking up on a rare sunny day, pondering the wisdom of digging out your classic car and trying to decide where to go in it, on our driving days we do all that for you. We provide the day, we pray for the weather (usually successfully), we get the cars ready and we provide the route. And not just one car – 5 in a single day. The added benefit of this arrangement is that you only need an investment of £199 to access £500,000 worth of cars. And if our car plays up – which only happens very rarely – your partner can shout at us rather than you. Don’t worry, we have thick skins. For 2015 we are running more classic car driving days than ever before, including new and very popular themed days and new routes.  Until 24th December prices are £199 for a driver and £99 for a passenger, then reluctantly (after 3 years) they go up to £249 and £99. Our track days start at just £89. To find out more call 01527 893733 or visit where you can also book online.

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