Your favourite classic hire cars of 2012

2012 was our busiest year ever for classic car hire, despite some inclement weather damping summer spirits.  The wet weather may have distorted this year’s list of the most popular cars chosen by our customers but even some perennially popular convertibles remain favourites even in the rain. So here is our list of the most popular cars based on number of hires.  A few familiar faces, one or two surprises…..  It’s in no particular order.

1. Jaguar E Type coupe

Usually it’s our convertibles that grab the hire headlines but this year it was the turn of our coupe hard tops.  Perhaps helped by the weather, the iconic fastback shape seems to have caught the imagination again, apparently fuelled by the E Type’s 50th anniversary in 2011.  We now have two E Type coupes available for hire, one in Yorkshire and one in the Cotswolds.  We also have four E Type convertibles available for hire in Devon, Yorkshire, Cotswolds and now London too.  Whichever you choose they are still as good to drive as they look.

2. Alfa Romeo Spider

One of my own favourite cars and consistently one of the most popular available for hire.  We’ve had this car on the fleet from day one and, as well as being popular, it is always the most reliable.  Not bad for an Italian car.  The Alfa is perfect for a day or weekend away – or a longer holiday tour, as happened several times in 2012.

3. DeLorean

You might not want to take a DeLorean on a European touring holiday – you wouldn’t get far with all those clamouring photo-opp fans – but it is the ideal car for a wedding, or just to save you have.  Both of those reasons explain why our DeLorean is in the list of our top 5 most popular cars in 2012.  It only joined the fleet in 2012 but has shown that 30 years after it went out of production it has become an icon for any child of the 80s.  We love it, but we have heard every Back to the Future joke and script line already, in case you wondered…

4. Aston Martin DB6

Like the DeLorean, the Aston proves the power of film on our collective conscious. Without Bond would the Aston be quite so feted?  Actually, we think so.  It is the DeLorean of its era – exotic styling, rarity and sheer four-wheeled presence make the Aston Martin DB6 (who cares if Bond drove a DB5) one of those cars that draws gasps of appreciation even from the uninitiated.  In 2012 once again it proved to be on of our most popular cars being used for weddings, special birthday celebrations, TV productions and even touring holidays. And why not.

5. Morris Minor Convertible

In its own way, the humble Moggy is the E Type for the masses.  Distinctive, enduring and with oodles of character, everyone needs to experience a Morris Minor at some point in their driving career. Sure it’s slow and simple but that’s its charm – we call them the Time Travellers because they fit you right back into an era when things moved a little more slowly.  And all the better for it.  To demonstrate how popular they are, we have 3 Morris Minor convertibles for hire, plus a rather nice ‘woody’ Morris Minor Traveller.

So roll on 2013. If you want to hire any of these cars or another car from our fleet of 80 classic and supercars, just call us on 01527 893733 or email  For more information on the cars visit

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