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When you’re a small child it is hard to imagine a day when you can’t think of a single thing you want for Christmas. Each year you’re asked ‘any ideas?’ And each year you scratch your head in genuine wonderment. 

It is into this gift-giving void that socks, ties, underpants and handkerchiefs swiftly fall, drawn like moths to a flame. If you’re still wearing last year’s pants, socks, ties and kerchuffing into a similarly aged handkerchief you may appreciate this helpful guide. Assembled here is our handy ‘mix and match’ service – matching you to the classic car of your dreams (which are all handily available to hire from Great Escape). To avoid sock hell, simply retweet this and say ‘I’m a number (insert number) darling.’ Enjoy.

1. Silver Foxes

Silver foxes, and you know who you are, are aging style gurus who still shop at independent men’s stores. You still buy the occasional issue of GQ. You are cool, in a ruggedly craggy sort of way, and a little part of you still knows it. Non-foxes admire you, and rightly so – you are maturing with dignity.  You appreciate the understated style of a Jensen Interceptor or classic Porsche 911. 

2. Drop top romantics 

Inside all of us, well most of us, lies a closet exhibitionist. Drop top romantics have always dreamed of owning a convertible sports car but never quite managed to fit one into their lives. Which is understandable, given the parlous nature of British summers. Once time and funds allow the drop top romantic would love to own a classic weekend cabriolet – until then a hire car will have to do. An E Type V12, Alfa Spider, MGB or Triumph TR6 would be just the ticket for you chaps.

3. Classic car aficionados 

CCAs know their onions, or at least your MGBs from their MGAs. You’ve spent years buying classic car magazines and assembling an enviable library of car books. You know exactly the classic car you want to drive and the exact model of the exact car too. You are people like us – enthusiasts. Of course, any of our 60 cars might float your boat but generally you’re switched on by E Type coupes, Jaguar Mk2s, Saab 900 Turbo, Jensen Interceptor, Triumph Stag or Austin Healey. 

4. Weekend Warriors

You work hard, you deserve a weekend break. A classic car turns a weekend break into a real escape – memorable trip that doesn’t have to break the bank.  You’re less bothered about what you drive than that it is simple to drive, stylish and distinctive. For you we have cars like our Alfa Romeo Spider, MGB, Porsche Boxster, Mercedes SL or Jaguar XJS – drop top cars that are relaxing and easy to drive. 

5. Retro Fans

If you love the cars you grew up with then we have the gift for you. You’re not fussed about style and speed, you just love the associations that come with old cars from way back when. It doesn’t matter whether that’s cars of the 50s and 60s – like our Minis and Morris Minors – or the 70s and 80s – like our Audi Quattro, Ford Granada and Ford Capri. These cars are perfectly for taking you straight back to a time and place. 

So there you have it. Simply choose who you are and pass on the number to your significant other. Prices start at just £95 and we sell gift vouchers online and by phone that are valid for 12 months. 

For more details visit or call 01527 893733

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