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During October we asked our customers and Twitter followers a simple question – if you were spending our money, what car would you buy next?  We decided to keep things simple and limit the choice to 5. Here’s how hundreds of you voted.

Ford Mustang – 48%

Caterham – 13%

X1/9 – 16%

Morris Marina – 6%

MGB GT – 18%

Perhaps not entirely surprisingly, the Mustang smashed it. With a fleet of 60 cars it is probably our one main omission – something that thanks to everyone who voted, I am to resolve during 2015. I can’t guarantee it will happen quickly as there are a lot of Mustangs and I want the right car. And with our choice of company name, you probably know what I mean….

Thank you to everyone who voted, it is really helpful to know what people really want to drive and how popular different cars are. As well as kicking off that long delayed search for a Mustang, I will be adding the two next most popular cars to the fleet – a Fiat X1/9 and MGB GT. We have bought a couple of project cars that will be going through our workshop over the winter. The X1/9 is a bit of a left-field choice yet one of those cars that should be great for our driving days. The car I’ve bought is one of the last ‘Grand Finale’ cars – it has the big bumpers but try finding an early car without them. 

I am particularly looking forward to the BGT – I’ve never been much of a MG fan but I owned a BGT a few years ago and really liked its mix of junior GT performance and practicality. It is a very different car to the MGB roadster. Our new BGT came from a MGB specialist and although it looks dusty and dishevelled in the photos is extremely solid.  It has an uprated engine and was converted from a rubber bumper car about 10 years ago – the work was done well and it even has the correct chrome bumper front wings. By the time we’ve finished it will be indistinguishable from a ‘real’ chrome car. 

I have to confess I’m very undecided about a Caterham. One of the things I’ve learnt over the last 8 years is that I only sleep at night when I’m hiring cars that I feel safe driving, mainly because if I feel safe then I feel our customers will be safe too. If that feels a bit namby pamby then blame John DeLorean and his collapsible DMC-12, which we had on the fleet a couple of years ago. Maybe one day.

And that leaves the Morris Marina. Which is a phrase no doubt often said in relation to BL’s mass market motor. Whether 6% of you thought it would be funny to send me on an errand to buy a Marina or they genuinely consider the Marina a better hire prospect than the Mustang, I cannot judge. All I will say is that as an Allegro owner, it seems like only a small step to Marina ownership. 

So, thank you again. We have acted on your choices and I’ll keep you updated on the Mustang. 

I will post progress on the X1/9 and MGBGT on Twitter and this blog, or visit or call 01527 893733. 


01527 893733

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