Britain vs Italy Experience

Britain vs Italy Experience

In the 1960s MG and Alfa Romeo created two iconic sports cars, the MGB and the Alfa Spider.  Both came to define open top motoring for the masses in Britain and Italy. 

Our Britain v Italy experience lets you put these classic convertibles back to back on a 40 mile driving experience around the Worcestershire countryside.  Start off in a classic 1.8 litre MGB convertible then switch to a 2 litre Alfa Spider - or try it the other way around, the choice is yours.

Your experience includes 45-60 minutes in each car on a 20 mile route with fuel and insurance included.  One passenger place is provided free of charge in each car. We provide the routes and pre-programmed satnavs. 

  • When is it available?

    These experiences are being ran every Monday and Friday (excluding bank holidays) between 1st March - 31st October 2020 or we have the selected weekend dates below.

    April 18th & 19th

    May 16th & 17th

    June 20th & 21st

    July 18th & 19th

    August 15th & 16th

    September 19th & 20th

  • What is included?

    • 20 mile drive per car in your choice of two cars from the Britain v Italy range
    • Guided driving route - choose from four available
    • Fuel
    • Insurance (subject to £1000 insurance excess*)
    • Tea and coffee for you and your guests
    • Touring route with use of route book and programmed satnav
    • Secure parking for your own car
    • Full briefing on arrival
    • Passengers go free subject to space in vehicle


    *Collision Damage Waiver available for £15 reduces excess to £0

  • What can I expect?

    Your Classic Taster experiences gives you a 20 mile, 60 minute drive in the Worcestershire countryside in your choice of classic car.  Book your car, date and time in advance by calling 01527 893733 or email 

    On arrival we'll run through the paperwork with you and brief you on the car - there will be time to ask any questions you like. Once you're ready to go you can choose from 4 different driving routes, which are explained in clear route books as well as programmed into the car's satnav.  You can bring passengers, provided there is space in the car.

    Before you leave and when you return we'll have tea and coffee ready for you.  

  • More information

    Suitable for:

    • Drivers must hold a full manual UK, European, USA, Australian or New Zealand licence with less than 6 points*
    • Drivers must be aged between 25 and 75


    *Other licences can be accommodated on request



    • Passengers can travel free of charge with you, provided there is space in the car (please check seating capacity when you book)


    Anything else:


    • Optional collision damage waiver is available to purchase for £15 when booking a date (reduces insurance excess to £0)
    • Due to the nature of classic cars, no cars are guaranteed available for specific dates. In the event that a car is not available a substitute will be provided from our fleet
  • FAQs

    What are the start and finish times?


    We run Classic Taster experiences on certain days during the year - which you'll find on this page.  You can book your experience for start times between 9am and 4pm.  We ask that you arrive 15 minutes beforehand to sort out paperwork - your drive will then take around 60 minutes.


    Can passengers come along?


    Yes.  There is no extra charge to bring passengers.  Provided they can fit in the car, they are welcome to join you.  Please check the seating capacity of each car before bringing passengers. 


    Who can drive?


    Anyone aged 25 to 75 inclusive with no more than 6 points and at least two years driving experience can drive on our road trips.  You will need a UK, European, USA, Australian or New Zealand driving licence.  Other licences can be accepted on referral - please contact us before booking.


    If you are over 20 stone and/or over 6ft 5in tall, please contact us before booking.


    Are there any access or disability limitations?


    Any customer with a valid licence fitting our insurance criteria can drive.  We have a range of cars with differing access levels.  If you do have a disability or are concerned about accessing our cars please contact us before booking. 


    Can you cater for dietary requirements?


    Yes, this is no problem.  Please contact us before booking if you have special dietary requirements so that we can alert our suppliers. 


    Do I need special clothing?


    No.  Our experiences take place on public roads so no special clothing is required.  However, we recommend dressing appropriately for the weather and avoiding heavy shoes as some of our cars have narrow pedal boxes. 


    What happens f the cars break down?


    Breakdowns are an unavoidable risk with old cars.  We maintain our own cars and they deliver excellent reliability despite very high mileages.  However, if we have to substitute cars before an event we will tell you and give you the option to rebook.


    If a car breaks down during our experience we will send staff out to assist as quickly as possible.


    Is fuel included?


    Fuel for your route is included.  This also includes a maximum 15 minute drive in one car after the event when you return to our base.


    What happens if I go over the 60 minute time allowance?


    The price of your experience is based on the 20 mile route and a 60 minute time allowance.  The timing is ample to allow you to enjoy the drive without rushing.  If you expect to be late returning because you got lost or have another unavoidable issue, you must call us immediately.


    Any delay returning the car can mean disruption and upset for other customers. 


    if you exceed the mileage and time allowance unreasonably we reserve the right to levy a charge of £50 for each extra 10 miles and 20 minutes over the allowance. 


    Do you provide parking for my car?


    Ample parking is provided adjacent to our unit.  We are on a quiet industrial estate in a cul de sac.  Parking is at your own risk. 


    What paperwork do I need to bring?


    When you book with us we will send you a full list of what you need to bring with you.  This will include relevant links to download paperwork.  When you arrive you will need to bring your driving licence, completed Driver Declaration Form and a print out of your licence details from the DVLA website.  Without one or more of these you cannot drive.


    What happens if the weather is bad?


    If the forecast for the event suggests that it will be unsafe or not enjoyable we will contact you to discuss rearranging dates.  We won't run an event if we believe it will be unsafe or compromise your enjoyment.


    What is the Collision Damage Waiver?


    For £15 per driver we offer the option to reduce the insurance excess from £1000 to zero.  This reduces your liability in instances where we cannot reclaim damage costs from a third party or you are at fault.  It does not cover damage to bodywork or mechanicals caused by misuse or breaking the rules of the Highway Code.