Gold Driving Trail - Half Day

Gold Driving Trail - Half Day

A Great Driving Days Driving Trail lets you combine an iconic classic car with a guided route through the Cotswolds or Malverns.  Everything you need is included in the price - fuel, insurance, touring route and passengers (provided there's space in the car).

Our Gold Half Day Driving Trails give you 4 hours in our beautiful HMC Healey convertible The price includes insurance, breakdown cover, fuel for the 80 mile route and touring route. 

When you purchase this experience you'll get a voucher valid for 12 months.  This experience runs on weekdays between March and October.  When you're ready just let us know the dates you want.  You can choose either Malvern Loop route or Cotswolds Circuit route - in advance or on the day, to suit you.  Other packages of different lengths are available. 

Every Driving Trail experience includes insurance for 1 driver (subject to a £1000 excess*), 80 mile route and fuel and guided touring route. Extra drivers can be added for £50 each. 

Normal times are 9am to 1pm or 1pm to 5pm Monday to Friday. 

  • What is included?

    • Hire of the car for 4 hrs mid week
    • Insurance for 1 driver (subject to a £1000 insurance excess*)
    • 80 mile route 
    • Fuel for route
    • Touring route


    *We offer a waiver policy for £30 reducing the excess to zero

  • FAQs

    To help your hire run as smoothly as possible we put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that we get.


    Where do I come to collect the car from?

    We are based in an area of Redditch called Hunt End, we are fairly close to junctions 2 and 3 of the M42 Motorway and about 10 miles from junctions 4 and 5 on the M5 Motorway.


    Is delivery included in the price?

    Delivery is extra and is charged at £3 per mile over a round trip. We only offer this service within 40 miles of our base.


    Can you recommend accommodation?

    Our website does give some recommendations of places to stay in the area but you can ask our bookings team to give you some ideas as well.


    Can I have the car just for a few hours?

    We offer a Classic Taster experience giving you 45-60 minutes in each car.  For more details click here.


    What happens in the event of a breakdown?

    All our cars are covered by a comprehensive breakdown policy but you may have to pay a £25 excess if you go outside our free recovery zone of 125 miles from our base.

    Click here to read our Terms & Conditions. We offer a Breakdown Refund Option which can be purchased with your hire or experience. 


    Can I be picked up from airport or train?

    We can arrange taxi transfers for you at your cost.  Please call us on 01527 893733.


    Do you provide a chauffeur service?

    We don’t offer a chauffeur service.


    Are you open weekends and bank holidays?

    Our weekend hire periods run from Friday to Monday.  We do not mann our site at the weekend but we do provide an emergency phone service for hirers.


    Where can I leave my car?

    We have two small car parks adjacent to our unit where our customers can park free of charge. We are unable to offer secure parking within our complex.


    What if the weather is terrible, can I postpone my booking?

    You may postpone your booking in adverse weather conditions by mutual agreement but you may find getting a suitable date in the future difficult for the more popular cars.


    Can you advise on driving routes?

    We can supply a number of driving routes in the area.


    Is there a mileage allowance?

    Our cars are limited to 150 miles per day.  Additional mileage may incur a charge. 


    I don’t have a British drivers licence?

    We accept many different licences, if you are unsure please call the bookings team.


    What fuel do your cars use?

    All of our cars have been converted to take unleaded fuel.


    Can I drive to Europe or Ireland?

    Some of our cars are unsuitable for long road trips but many of them are often taken abroad. You need to arrange your own European cover but that is our only stipulation.


    Are the cars reliable?

    Many of our cars did not have the same level of reliability as cars of today so the fact they are 40 or 50 years old only exacerbates the situation. We have a highly skilled team of mechanics working in a fully equipped workshop to maintain our fleet but remember, they are old cars.


    Can the pick up and drop off times be varied?

    We try to work to a 5pm pick up an drop off, if you want to discuss any times other than those you must speak to our bookings team.


    What age do you have to be?

    Our minimum age is 25 and our maximum age is 75 however, we do have exceptions to the rule but you need to call our bookings team.


    What if I have points on my licence?

    We accept a maximum a 6 points on your licence.


    What documents will I need?

    You will need to do a DVLA check, fill out our driver form and bring your licence with you when you hire the car. If you fail to bring your DVLA check and/or licence we are unable to let you take one of our cars.


    How long is the voucher valid for?

    A voucher is valid for 12 months. After this period you can purchase voucher extensions for £50 for six months.


    Are there any restrictions I should know about?

    Many of our cars are 50 years old with small engines and antiquated braking systems. In the interests of health and safety we restrict the top speed of some of these cars and limit the use of them.


    Does the Collision Damage Waiver cover every eventuality?

    No, it is there to protect you against claims in a road collision with another vehicle, if you drive the car in a wreckless manner, kerb a tyre, hit a stationary object (wall, parking bollard, armco barrier etc) the waiver will not come into play. This is no different that many standard insurance policies.


    How does the Breakdown Refund Option work?

    It provides a refund or alternative car in the event that your original car is not available for your hire dates or road trip due to a breakdown or accident.  It must be purchased at the same time as your experience. 



  • Breakdown Refund Option

    Hiring a classic car is a great experience, but it also carries some inherent risks.  These are old cars and the risk of breakdown is higher than with modern cars.  No matter how hard we work at Great Escape Cars to deliver 100% reliability, we can never entirely remove the risk. 

    Our unique Breakdown Refund Option covers you in the event of a breakdown or other non-availability of your car.  We've created it to provide peace of mind if you have booked the car for a specific date, perhaps for a wedding or birthday. 

    Our cars cover around 1,000 miles a week during the season and our breakdown rates are around 1% of hires. In the event of a breakdown, under our Terms & Conditions we will offer you new dates for your experience or extend your voucher for 6 months, both at no charge.  After the statutory 14 day cooling offer period we do not offer refunds in the event of breakdowns or accidents.

    The Breakdown Refund Option costs £50 on top of your hire fee and provides:

    Refund (less 10% administration fee) of your hire cost in the event that your car is not available for your chosen dates due to a breakdown or accident


    A free of charge replacement car* for your original dates, with the chance to return and hire your original car within 12 months

    This option is only available when you book the car. You can’t add it to your booking at a later date. You can add it to your basket if you are booking the car online or ask our Bookings Team if you prefer to make the booking by telephone.

    We make every effort to provide the car you chose for the dates you chose. But sometimes time and parts supply prevent this happening.  Even where you have bought this cover our goal is to provide the car you booked. 

    What is covered

    • Breakdown or accident before your hire preventing the car being available for your hire - you will receive a refund (less 10%) or a replacement car
    • Breakdown during hire - you will receive a refund of the uncompleted portion of hire or the car for your original full hire period at a later date
    • Cancellation of your pre-booked road trip dates
    • Non-availability of at least two pre-arranged cars on a road trip

    What is not covered

    • Breakdown during hire due to misuse, for example flooding the engine
    • Accident caused during the hire - whether by 3rd party or the driver
    • Any consequential losses or costs as a result of the non-availability of the car before or during hire

    *The replacement car will be the best and most suitable car available for your original dates from our fleet. 

  • Terms & Conditions

    When you buy products via this website you are contracting with Great Driving Days Ltd.  Please click here to view our full Terms & Conditions

  • Collision Damage Waiver

    When you’re hiring an expensive classic car the insurance excesses involved can sometimes be a bit off-putting. It’s probably the biggest concern for our customers.

    Until now there hasn’t been much we can do about it. Our insurers set high excesses of £1000 per car and we had no option but to pass them on. 

    Due to the size of our fleet we’ve been able to create a unique insurance policy for Great Escape Cars. Our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) policy lets you reduce the insurance excess on your Great Escape Cars hire car to £0 for a single one-off payment of £30.  

    The CDW policy covers you for incidents and damage where we cannot claim against a 3rd party.  This may not just be where you are at fault - if the car is damaged whilst parked you could be liable if someone dings a door.  It provides cover for any collision with another vehicle irrespective of lilability.  It also covers theft - provided you have the keys - and windscreen damage.

    The only exclusions are damage caused by neglect or misuse - for example, damage to tyres and wheels caused by kerbing or other obstacles, damage to the interior beyond normal wear and tear, collision with static objects and failing to follow our advice for operating the vehicle.  Theft of personal items are also not covered.

    You can arrange the CDW when you collect the car or by calling 01527 893733.